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Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
street in the broader landscape of corporate america even strong supporters of romney acknowledged a swing state polling numbers in the direction of economic data and market suggests it is time to brace for a second obama term. i want to ask you about using the word grace in this story. >> yeah, i mean, i think that the president has had an antagonistic relationship with business. i think that is pretty clear. and so, he did over the last several months i think lose the independent vote and certainly the business vote. and so, if the numbers show he's actually winning, i could understand that now they are disappointed because they were counting on some competition. but i don't think you can really tell right now. i mean, it is hard to know how accurate these polls are. in some cases i think the media is pulling democrats. and in other cases, i think they don't necessarily tell you what they're thinking and what they want to do. so it is probably likely, you know, that we see a very commit very close race. you know, it could go either way. and just not sure right now how accurate th
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
adviser to governor romney. >> i say this to make a partisan statement, but it is different. we spend years in the bush years talking about an imperial for the united states. empire means you have a power above the rules that makes rules are ready else. * not what this war of this. it is not ever going to work. and so i think with in the united states that can solve its domestic problems and recapture a sense that it is an example worth emulating although they have not nearly as strong as the root like them to be, there is hope and strength to move into an isolationist direction to move away from spending money and writing checks for international institutions, to move toward taking care our own business. look at president obama and his strategy with regard said drones and covert operations. it's very exceptional is the. is in this exceptional as the impulse something that could actually be more extreme in the next several years? >> i was with you right up until the end because exceptional rosamund isolationism are two different things. exceptional some can be the engine for imperial
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
overseas. i wanted to say that about libya. on the second question, pertaining to governor romney, i think that, you know, he just needs to, you know, he needs to present a more compelling vision with what he wants to do for the foreign policy and the united states. he talked a lot about military moderrization romney has about main -- maintaining the strength of our air force and fleet. president obama i think has a modern view hoe how he wants to use the military. i think he decided quickly after taking office he would take us out of iraq which he did in december of twch and after building up in afghanistan with the surge in 2009, he would begin to draw down in afghanistan he said that most of our combat troops would be out in 2014. clearly, you know, we have been in an unusual period since 9/11. we have fought two land wars with hundred of thousands of troops involved. with have never done it before with the exception of world war ii. i think president obama wants to avoid land wars if we can in the future and use the comparative individual that we have. and that's our air power, and our
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3